Mental Health and wellness in New Zealand

Mental Health Food (엔조제놀)

Nearly half of the population will meet the criteria for a mental illness diagnosis at some point in their lives, and one in five of us will develop depression in any given year. In 2015, the New Zealand Sovereign Welfare Index found that:

  • 25% of New Zealanders report having a high level of mental health
  • 21% of us are close to that level, but it means that more than half of us don’t have the best mental health possible.

Healthy eating in New Zealand

Eating healthy doesn’t mean following a strict diet or depriving yourself of your loved foods. Instead, it’s about eating a balanced variety of foods that help you feel satisfied, have more energy, improve your appearance, and help reach and maintain a healthy weight. Almost a quarter of kiwis have total cholesterol levels above 6.5 mmol/L, but doctors say it’s best to get below 5. The bottom line is that we eat a lot of fat, especially unhealthy fats. But unfortunately, too much fat can make us fat, especially when combined with a low level of physical activity. Bread, cereals, grains, and starchy vegetables are staples of many kiwi diets. For a healthy heart, choose whole foods that are rich in fiber. These foods should not fill more than a quarter of your plate or be the size of a fist on your plate.

To get started, do these:

  • Replace white bread with wholemeal bread
  • Replace white rice with brown rice
  • Replace your low-fiber breakfast cereals with whole grain oatmeal
  • Choose baked potatoes or kumara instead of fried ones.
  • Use wholemeal flour instead of white flour.
  • Choose starchy food during the meal (i.e., no potatoes plus bread).

The best Health and wellness supplement brands in New Zealand

Vitamin C, D, E, and even Z, there is a long list of nutrients the body craves, and it can be not easy to get them all. And this is where health supplements can help. But what is my favorite brand of kiwifruit?

These are our favorite health supplement brands in New Zealand.

  • GO Healthy
  • Thompson’s
  • Berocca
  • Nutralife
  • Nature’s way
  • Clinicians
  • Swisse
  • Healtheries
  • Black Mores
  • Red Seal
  • Centrum
  • Neurogenol


Healthy foods to eat in New Zealand

Indeed, New Zealand is not world-famous for its delicacies, but there are certainly some meals, snacks, desserts, and even drinks that kiwis are proud to own. Of course, being a country with 15,000 kilometers (9,320 miles) of coastline.


New Zealanders love their seafood, so we’ll jump right into the ocean’s other gastronomic pleasures. Quina is the local name for a type of sea urchin with a hard, spiky outer shell and a thin, fleshy (and edible) interior. It has been a delicacy of New Zealand for centuries.

KIWI Burger

You’ll think it’s weird or wonderful, but it’s still a staple in New Zealand cuisine. What makes a kiwi burger “kiwi” is that it contains beetroot and fried eggs along with standard burger patties, lettuce, and anything else sandwiched between two burger buns. So don’t call until you try it!


Another famous New Zealand food is Jaffa! Jaffa is a favorite dessert of New Zealanders. Jaffa is small sugar-coated chocolate balls with a mild orange flavor.


Ask anyone from Australia, and they will tell you that Oz invented Pavlova. Ask a Kiwi, and he will tell you otherwise. In any case, Pavlova is a much-loved New Zealand dessert made with meringue, whipped cream, and fresh fruit.

Enzogenol (엔조제놀)


You wonder what this is, and you may have heard it somewhere. Enzogenol is a natural extract from the bark of Pinus Radiata trees grown in New Zealand. Made from a powerful blend of proanthocyanidins, bioflavonoids, and organic acids, Enzogenol has a wide range of natural health-promoting properties, including powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. This Bark Extract is produced using a unique method of purified water extraction. This technology is environmentally friendly. It uses only pure water and selects the bark of Pinus radiata from trees grown in the pristine environment of New Zealand’s beautiful woodland plantations. The wide range of health benefits of Enzogenol has been demonstrated in numerous clinical studies published in the scientific literature. Many successful nutritional supplements for circulation and heart health, support for cognitive function, eye health, and oral cosmetics use Enzogenol as their main ingredient.